Beveridge, William Henry

Educated at Charterhouse and Balliol College, Oxford, Beveridge (1879-1963, knighted 1916, 1st Baron of Tuggal, created 1946) was fellow at University College, Oxford (1902-09), sub-warden of Toynbee Hall (1903-05), director of Labour Exchanges at the Board of Trade (1909-16), director of the London School of Economics (1919-37), vice-chancellor of London University (1926-28) and master of University College, Oxford (1937-45). He was Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party (1944-45), chairperson of the Unemployment Insurance Statutory Committee (1934-44) and of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Social Insurance and Allied Services (1941-42). He authored the reports Social Insurance and Allied Services (1942) and Full Employment in a Free Society (1943), which became the blueprint for welfare state legislation ("Beveridge Plan"). In 1937, Harrod wrote that Beveridge was "one of the best men now in [Oxford]" (letter 710 ).

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Source: www ; wsw 1938; New Palgrave .

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