Andrews, Henry Maxwell

Maxwell (1894-1968) was educated at New College Oxford, where he was a contemporary of Harrod; they were both members of the Eighty Club (in one occasion, Andrews is recorded to have responded to a toast to "the Liberal Party"). A banker, he married Rebecca West in 1930. Early in 1926, he was invited by Harrod to join the meetings of the Royal Institute of International Affairs' research group on cartels, of which Harrod was the secretary; later in the year, Andrews was listed among the "usual invitations".

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Source: J. D. Woodruff , "Mr. Henry Andrews. Banker and Patron", The Times, 12 November 1968, p. 10; V. Glendinning, Rebecca West. A Life (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1987), pp. 131-33. Andrews to Harrod, 20 January 1926, in HPBL Add 71613/193-94; and "Invitation to meet Mr. de Rousier", in HP V-114.

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