P35. Future of the Birthrate

[Letter to The Times, 4 July 1939, p. 10]

4 July 1939

Mr. Morrah [1] is right in observing that I should not have referred to women who have no children in considering the proportionate increase in families required of those who do. The unmarried women, &c., are only relevant in considering the absolute increase required. On the other hand, my proposition that women who can have more children must increase their families by more than one-third on the average still holds; Mr. Morrah neglects the class of women, to whom I referred, who for reasons which need not be specified cannot have more children than they do. It is to compensate for these that those who can have more children must increase the size of their families by more than one-third.

I am, &c.,

R. F. Harrod

  1. 1. This replies to a letter to The Times by Dermot Morrah, published on 28 June: see note 3 to press item 34 .

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