51R. Harrod to W. Runciman, 20 February 1923 [a]

Harrod describes [1] the "good bourgeois Lady" with whom he was staying in Berlin. He reports of the absolute conviction in the breast of everyone that another bloody war was coming, and the people's little understanding of the money problem: people don't attach importance to the printing press, and economists themselves seem to think that its activity is unavoidable and only symptomatic. Harrod feels that the German people would "see no objection to having the Kaiser and all the old rubbish back again." The letter was continued in Prague, where Harrod stayed for a couple of days. Harrod comments that the government there has a mania for deflation, "which causes friction and unemployment".

  1. 1. Replies to Walter Runciman's request for Harrod's impressions on the recent developments in Germany, 16 February 1923, in HPBL Add 71612/64-65.
    1. a. From Berlin, bei Frau Segall, Mommenstr. 12, Charlottenberg, six pages ALS, in RP WR 194.

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