1. Interest and Ideal Prices

2. The Trade Cycle & the Theory of Distribution

3. Morals and Arithmetic

4. Memo on the Effect of Falling Prices on Employment

5. The Trade Cycle

6. Notes on Monopoly and Quasi-Competition

7. [Tariffs and Development Policy]

8. Central Banking

9. [Fragment]

10. A Note on Collective Bargaining

11. Memo

12. [Democracy and Economic Crisis]

13. Continuity of Values and the Long-term International Problem

14. Memorandum by R. F. Harrod on the Possible Scope of the Costings Group's Work

15. Memo. On Economic Studies in Oxford

16. The Choice of a Currency Policy

17. Notes on Interviews with Entrepreneurs

18. [Business Experience and Economists' Assumptions]

19. An Essay in Dynamic Theory [1938 draft]

20. [Speech to the House of Commons Monetary Committee, 10 Nov. 1938]

21. [Sketch of Political Manifesto, Popular Front]

22. Karl Marx

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