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Harrod's letters are indicated in roman characters, his correspondents' in italics; the correspondent's name is indicated in square brackets at the end of the line. Numbers refer to letter numbers. Letter headings are ignored.

(1) Tautologies. You have been trained [Robertson] 497

(1) to be practical. I am putting you in the Blue Boar [Robertson] 625

(1) Your addendum (of which I have been sent 2 [Robertson] 370

1. DF + DP. The trouble is that your review has strayed 607

1. As regards nomenclature, I am now in lectures [Keynes] 278

1. I am, as you know, very keen to see the promotion 707

1. I entirely agree about journalism v. science 709

1. I share Russell's and your view that the propositions [Ayer] 332

1. I shouldnt at all mind £28 to help me with my Income Tax 807

1. May I elaborate my doubt about your second source 632

1. Point about classical theory and international lending 258

1. The enclosed notes deal mainly with one point in our dossiers. 613

1. The "guilty fallacy". I am sorry this produced irritation. 651

1. The negative part of my statement about non-capitalists 526

I. As a result of your last letter, I have, at last, [Keynes] 844

I. I agree that you can ignore the distinction [Keynes] 817

A letter from Dennis suggested this thought to me, 481

A thousand thanks for your notes. 511

<Admirable> letter of yours in the Economist. [Keynes] 238

Alas, I cannot assent. 766

Another subject to bother you with! 826

Apart from issues too large in character [Henderson] 569

As a result of your last letter, I have, at last, [Keynes] 844

As editor your proposed addition meets my point [Keynes] 490

As I rather anticipated, Beveridge has abandoned [Keynes] 337

As I read your essay on Paradox I was for a time amazed 402

As regards nomenclature, I am now in lectures [Keynes] 278

As you are aware, the Economic Intelligence Service [Loveday] 772

As you are perhaps aware, the Secretariat [Loveday] 686

As you may perhaps know, an investigation has been [Haberler] 364

At any rate I myself will look forward to the paper [Keynes] 759

At last I return your paper, with apologies [Robertson] 597

At least we seem to understand each other [Robinson] 680

Before I go into the points in either of your letters [Keynes] 154

Bombarding you again! The last column of this 874

But Roy, dear, you have discovered a new Tautology [Robertson] 495

By all means use my construction of a family 473

By jove, you are a trickster, a knave, pur sang. 780

`Cannan defeated' indeed. [Robertson] 487

Dash it, I committed a grammatical ambiguity 498

Deepest apologies for my delay in acknowledging [Viner] 227

Dennis has passed on your queries, which I enclose [Kahn] 213

Do come and stay with us for a weekend. If the 18th [Ramsey] 159

Do not attend to this unless or until you feel inclined. [Robertson] 362

Don't let us try to agree that we want the same [Lindsay] 432

Effect of subsidies on employment [Meade] 557

E.J. is due in a day or two so we can safely start [Robinson] 671

Ever so many thanks for your note and papers [Schumpeter] 317

Excuse me that I write to you so late. I wanted to go [Haberler] 355

First may I thank you for your generous concessions, 802

Having re-read Ch. 15 I am more depressed about it 468

Having worked through the enclosed again [Robertson] 717

Here are the last two chapters of my book [Keynes] 466

Herewith my reactions to your letter 542

Herewith some comments on your criticisms. [Robertson] 111

Herewith some more occasional notes. 462

How active you are! Family allowances, [Robertson] 805

How nice of you to write me such a nice letter. [Robinson] 315

How very kind of you to send me your notes. I read them 345

I absolve you completely of misunderstanding [Keynes] 472

I agree that the responsiveness of money wages is a fundamental 389

I agree that the supposition that the elasticity of the supply 114

I agree that you can ignore the distinction [Keynes] 817

I am afraid I am not yet contested. [Kaldor] 767

I am afraid I dropped a frightful <brick>. No, savings [Kahn] 418

I am afraid you wont get an answer to your letter of July 30 689

I am, as you know, very keen to see the promotion 707

I am content! If the classical theory could not be made, [Keynes] 474

I am delighted that you approve of the form 582

I am delighted to hear that the first discovery of M. R. [Robinson] 312

I am enclosing a letter of mine which appeared in the Economist 240

I am glad that you can lunch with me [Henderson] 433

I am grateful to you for suggesting a graphical method 831

I am greatly obliged to you for altering your text 638

I am just finishing off a book [Hawtrey] 616

I am making a speech to a statistical society on the population 846

I am most grateful to you for your length comments 525

I am naturally mainly thinking now of our election, 855

I am not convinced that the difference is emotional; 741

I am not in disagreement, I think. If the period of time 834

I am not sure if I follow you in detail, but the main [Robinson] 296

I am not sure what is the point about which you think 739

I am now back from abroad and have your letter [Keynes] 590

I am really very grateful for your letter [Robbins] 626

I am sending you at last galley proofs [Keynes] 451

I am so sorry about the British Ass, but I wont attempt 748

I am sorry, but I expect it is better that you should not come 810

I am sorry I was not able to ring up at the times suggested. 914

I am sorry that I couldn't answer your letter before. [Kaldor] 779

I am sorry that I have given you all this trouble. I honestly 368

I am sorry that my last letter was difficult to follow. [Kaldor] 771

I am sorry to bother you again! 568

I am sorry to say that there is no copy [Loveday] 611

I am sure you will not mind that I have delayed [Hawtrey] 730

I am taking the liberty of sending you [Radice] 599

I am terribly sorry that I have not replied earlier [Kahn] 235

I am under the handicap that I have never been able [Keynes] 442

I am very glad to hear that you are turning your mind [Keynes] 523

I am very glad you found the address interesting. 790

I am very glad you have written to me about your future [Simon] 25

I am very grateful to you for having made these changes 423

I am very grateful to you for sending me an offprint 683

I am very grateful to you for taking so much trouble [Henderson] 541

I am very interested in your idea of arbitration. I have myself 394

I am very sorry indeed if you have any feeling that the review 520

I am writing on behalf of a group of economists in Oxford 897

I apologize for not having answered your letter before. [Polak] 823

I apologize for not having written before, in answer to your kind 640

I apologize for worrying you again. But I am worried 840

I attach some importance to the total cost curve. 297

I believe the first version of passage 1 is really better [Robertson] 564

I believe your footnote is right and that the difference 634

I can only spare very few minutes to say that I have [Runciman] 246

I cant quite see what Maynard refuses to accept 619

I can't see what all your excitement is about. [Kaldor] 783

I cant tell you how guilty I feel in not having replied to your letter 371

I cordially recommend Smith for Maynard's club. 375

I didnt think my letter went beyond demanding information. 735

I do hope that you will like this. I am at the moment 801

I do hope the operation went off successfully 788

I do not think that the question of time need be [Keynes] 135

I do not think that we are now in disagreement, [Kahn] 446

I do not think there is any disagreement between us. [Robinson] 298

I dont agree with 2 points in the enclosed. 710

I dont know if you ever take for Mind a paper by an amateur! 489

I dont know whether I ought to stand in a white sheet! 868

I don't really like the formula , [Keynes] 659

I dont really see where the slip is, serious or otherwise 428

I don't rightly know what "a reward" means [Robinson] 761

I dont understand why you suppose that your question 435

I enclose a copy (1) of my paper [Henderson] 554

I enjoyed reading your paper and very much. I think your 327

I enjoyed your article on Edgeworth very much. 106

I enormously enjoyed reading your Rejoinder. [Kahn] 416

I entirely agree about journalism v. science 709

I entirely agree with the point which you make 514

I entirely agree with your letter. The proposition that new 383

I fear that on your <+> you are not in a state of Grace. [Lindsay] 431

I feel I ought to return you these, some of which are yours 701

I foresee that I may have to come back to your long letter. 776

I forget if I ever wrote to thank you for sending me the offprint, 445

I gather that my insert and footnote would only make 565

I gather that you have seen a short memo of mine 924

I had a long talk with Dalton to-day 882

I have a great sense a guilt about a letter of yours 485

I have a guest staying with me next week-end 536

I have been authorized by the Economics Research group 898

I have been intending to write to you for months [Durbin] 670

I have been much impressed [Richter-Altschäffer] 622

I have been reading rather belatedly the excellent paper 789

I have been so slow in answering your letter [Ayer] 336

I have been thinking over Maurice Allen's criticism 437

I have been too long in answering your most [Robertson] 253

I have been working over some of the same ground [Robinson] 224

I have delayed a long time answering your letter [Hawtrey] 662

I have found the earlier part of the enclosed excellent. [Keynes] 277

I have intended for some time to write to you [Durbin] 519

I have just a few days ago returned to Geneva [Haberler] 422

I have just been reading your paper, which I return: [Hall] 774

I have just finished reading your book and I must write 313

I have just finished the first reading [Haberler] 612

I have just got back from a dash to Götterdämmerung [Robertson] 110

I have just read your address with great pleasure. 708

I have just read your magnificent article on the Colwyn report. 145

I have just read your masterly state paper on increasing 406

I have just returned from JMK's ballet & find the inkpot dry. 244

I have just run into a marginal comment of yours which 232

I have not fallen into the error you suppose. 753

I have now been through your notes carefully. 829

I have now read about rds of what I have. 461

I have now read your article on Pigou. I find it excellent [Keynes] 343

I have now read your book carefully [Keynes] 647

I have now read your original Economica article, [Durbin] 404

I have picked up your letter off the window-till 494

I have read the enclosed Chapters and enjoyed them [Meade] 553

I have read these with much admiration [Robertson] 848

I have read this address with great enjoyment, [Phelps Brown] 770

I have read with great interest to the end of Bk II. 458

I have read your account of instruction in economics [Mitchell] 642

I have read your book. In one sense I might have said 109

I have read your rejoinder in the "Economica" [Haberler] 427

I have reason to believe that the Rockefeller Foundation 903

I have received these this morning from Christian, [Robertson] 300

I have re-written the second half of this 879

I have spent so much time on your book [Robertson] 610

I have spent today most interestingly reading this [Robertson] 231

I have studied your article very carefully. The first part [Haberler] 367

I have talked over your letter with Maynard. We are [Robertson] 236

I have this evening at last read your paper. [Robertson] 593

I have thought on your very interesting criticism [Hicks] 262

I have undoubtedly misunderstood you [Keynes] 656

I have your letter of Feb. 9th. I am sorry to say [Haberler] 429

I havent yet read the great work. In fact I am just about 311

I havent yet thanked you for your very interesting comments 830

I heard it read as a paper to the Marshall Society, [Robinson] 349

I hesitate to reply to your letter of Nov 6 1. because I do not 397

I hope I havent given you too much "heart" about the book. 254

I hope that this will be a somewhat more coherent version [Allen] 237

I hope you dont mind my polemical style of writing. 528

I hope you got my bundle of tiresome arguments all right? 629

I hope you will salve something of the article. But if [Keynes] 156

I hoped that as I wrote this out, means of giving empirical check 800

I just finished your interesting and stimulating book [Neisser] 645

I just suggest the following method of dealing [Meade] 517

I left a postcard for you on a book case when I left London 702

I like your paper (may I keep the copy [Keynes] 581

I mean here I think the same that you mean. [Keynes] 465

I meant to deal you one of these before. [Robertson] 476

I move to the above address on August 16 and shall be there 464

I must alter the type of analysis slightly by telling [Meade] 269

I must apologise for this dreadful delay. [Kahn] 443

I must ask you to forgive me for having delayed [Hawtrey] 631

I must thank you for sending me an offprint 608

I must thank you very much for sending me your paper 171

I must thank you very much for your correction. You are right 225

I need hardly say how greatly I admired and enjoyed your book. 325

I now come to a point which I think is of considerable 459

I now feel that I have misunderstood you [Robinson] 672

I ought to have acknowledged your kind letter before [Simon] 818

I ought to have answered your No 1 more promptly [Robertson] 234

I owe you 3 apologies [Robertson] 746

I promised you a reasoned answer about a month ago [Stephens] 923

I quarrel with the first sentence in your letter of the 6th [Keynes] 832

I quite agree that we ought to begin in a new way [Kaldor] 785

I quite agree with your point about Vol. 2 on money. 475

I quite sympathise with your exasperation [Robinson] 675

I read Pigou's article in E.J. and believed almost all of it 149

I return the enclosed herewith. As I said on the [Keynes] 386

I saw Crossman last week and he added something [Dalton] 861

I see the sort of thing you are driving at [Keynes] 444

I share Russell's and your view that the propositions [Ayer] 332

I should be glad to write something for E. J. on the Nuffield 705

I should be very pleased and interested to attend the conference 687

I should have answered your letter before 134

I should have replied ages ago to the enclosed letter. 700

I should like to know--if you have a moment-- [Robertson] 302

I should very much like to know if you find any meat in Robbins' 347

I should very much like to read your Chapter 3 [Meade] 513

I shouldnt at all mind £28 to help me with my Income Tax 807

I shudder to think I may have delayed the work [Allen] 567

I suppose even the most rigid anti-inflationist would [Cannan] 330

I sympathize very much with what you feel about Maynard's 479

I thank you very much for your interesting letter [Neisser] 425

I thank you very much for your letter of December 31 st [Bode] 415

I think I exaggerated in implying that there was [Henderson] 573

I think I have answered your first point in my last letter 483

I think I took your point. But my difficulty [Keynes] 274

I think I understand your point about the "asymmetry" [Kaldor] 775

I think it is possible by reasonable methods, 747

I think our muddle was due to the failure to keep absolutely 359

I think this is splendid. If something of this sort 447

I think we are a little bit at cross purposes. [Keynes] 791

I think what you say is perfectly sound; i.e. on p. 130-1 [Ramsey] 146

I think you come out fairly unscathed from such strictures 762

I think you must excuse me for taking a long time to understand 769

I think you will by now have realised that the idea [Kahn] 328

I think your argument stops too soon. [Keynes] 482

I think your draft is excellent and of course I entirely agree 669

I think your example proves my point [Kaldor] 765

I took a glance at your review & was quite [Robinson] 668

I tried to find you this week-end but did not strike the right time. 358

I understand you have kindly and bravely undertaken [Beveridge] 344

I venture to draw your attention to the enclosed article 894

I very much sympathise over this question of definitions. [Kahn] 391

I was amazed that the Times was willing to insert the enclosed. 261

I was extremely interested to get your letter. [Macmillan] 883

I was immensely interested by our talk [Durbin] 679

I was just about to send out those letters to the Conservative 891

I was just about to write to you concerning letter no. 1., left on 334

I was reading your letter of Nov 18 (a long time ago!) over again. 339

I was so glad to get your letter and to hear 518

I was so pleased to get your letter. When I publish something, 561

I was very gratified by your review of my book in Economica 351

I was very greatly impressed with the masterly ability of your 378

I was very pleased to get your letter. There is nothing left [Kahn] 410

I will await Tinbergen's revised version; [Keynes] 833

I woke up in the middle of the night with the solution 534

I wonder if I may take advantage of what is now an old-standing 804

I wonder if it is time to reply to your letter [Robinson] 666

I wonder if it would be troubling you too much [Robertson] 576

I wonder if you have a few free pages left in EJ? 150

I wonder whether you would consent to altering [Marschak] 736

I write again in the hope that we may be able jointly to isolate 798

I write this before the poll, to guard against the discouragement 863

I write this in haste, so to speak, because having glanced 652

If I have paid insufficient attention to your letters, I apologize. 784

If the British Ass. met at Xmas or Easter, [Robbins] 737

If you succeed in convincing Haberler you must not take 392

If you write on both sides of a piece of paper 572

I'm so glad you wrote--not so much [Joseph] 543

I'm sorry I've given you so much trouble. You will feel [Cannan] 335

I'm sorry no day suggested is any use [Joseph] 96

I'm sorry we didn't meet more [Robertson] 795

I'm writing in pencil so as to get a better copy. [Joseph] 122

In all applications of reasoning there must be held [Edgeworth] 76

In any warranted position t > s, since . 827

Interim minority report [Keynes] 821

Interim Report! 819

Is there any chance of your coming to Cambridge [Keynes] 665

It follows from what I said about ch 15 that I am not happy 469

It has occurred to me that the enclosed might interest you, 768

It is really wanton and shameless of me to write again 243

It might interest you to know that I wrote to Maynard 319

It really shan't happen again after this. But I feel I must say 249

It seems rather irrelevant now to discuss these matters, 843

It seems to me that the best thing I can do in the circumstances 381

It was a great pleasure to get your kind letter, [Kalecki] 484

It was just because I suffer from the same inability [Robinson] 260

It was most kind of you to send me a reprint [Mitchell] 867

It was nice of you to write about the entrepreneur myth [Dobb] 72

It was very good of you to write to me a propos my letter 408

It was very nice having a talk. A point I didnt mention 194

I've just been reading your ingenious note [Pigou] 190

I've read your book to the end of the 2 nd chapter [Henderson] 524

Keynes' letter in the Times reminded me [Stephens] 913

Let me quote the part of a letter which I have just [Frankfurter] 341

Let Y = income [Robertson] 618

MacDougall's article duly reached me [Keynes] 574

Many --belated-- thanks for your letter and paper. [Robertson] 560

Many thanks for enclosed, which is most whetting [Robertson] 255

Many thanks for letting me see this. It is impossible to deny 828

Many thanks for sending me offprints of your two [Haberler] 230

Many thanks for sending me the note from <McLaullan>. 630

Many thanks for the further chapters [Henderson] 558

Many thanks for the memorandum enclosed [Hawtrey] 925

Many thanks for the proofs. This time I won't try [Robinson] 760

Many thanks for the riposte & 2 more letters. [Robertson] 373

Many thanks for your comments, which I think are just. 555

Many thanks for your gracious letter just received; [Knight] 658

Many thanks for your interesting letter. The trouble [Kahn] 229

Many thanks for your last <kind> letter. I cannot [Haberler] 401

Many thanks for your letter. [Robertson] 478

Many thanks for your letter and interesting notes. 657

Many thanks for your letter. I shall be glad to get your [Haberler] 366

Many thanks for your letter. I'm sorry to have [Henderson] 527

Many thanks for your letter. I wonder whether you think 885

Many thanks for your letter of February 28th, [Haberler] 436

Many thanks for your letter of November 1st. The first [Haberler] 395

Many thanks for your letter of November 5th. [Haberler] 396

Many thanks for your letter of October 6. May I comment 851

Many thanks for your letter of October 29th. I agree [Haberler] 393

Many thanks for your letter, which reached me [Robertson] 606

Many thanks for your letter. You are too [Robertson] 562

Many thanks for your most readable pamphlet. Its arrival 259

Many thanks for your note which I am able to accept. [Keynes] 353

Many thanks for your note, which I should have [Beveridge] 714

Many thanks for your paper which I was glad to see 540

Many thanks for your so prompt reply, duly received [Robertson] 577

Many thanks for your two letters, of October 19th and [Haberler] 384

Many thanks for your very sweet-tempered letter. [Henderson] 532

Many thanks: I'm glad that at any rate I'd got [Robertson] 620

Many thanks indeed for sending me your preliminary draft. 365

Many thanks indeed for the volume--and for the kind things 644

Many thanks indeed for your comments and letting me see 653

Many thanks indeed for your comments. They are most useful 814

Many thanks indeed for your letter. It was a great consolation. 667

Many thanks indeed for your paper, which I hope 477

Many thanks. Very neat & elegant & learned. 377

May I elaborate my doubt about your second source 632

May I for one hereby testify that I am absolutely convinced, 847

May I go through your MS. point by point. 414

May I just add this? I don't think any of us [Lindsay] 430

May I put this simple point. 2fold function of banks: 480

May I revert to some other points in your letter of October 25. 390

May I say first how greatly I admire your article in Q.J.E. 603

May I say first of all that I have been reading [Meade] 510

My attention has just been drawn to a passage [Robbins] 624

My problem is whether to publish this. I am fully endorsing 385

No,--I don't think ill,--only feel a little envious [Robertson] 380

No, I think that during a period in which S > I, [Robertson] 306

No, no; you do me throughout great injustice. 471

None of my letters on this subject contain any contradictions! 755

Of course I was not in the least offended at anything you said. 405

On further consideration of your criticism, 153

On further thought I begin to suppose 512

Owing to the incompetence of the post office, 799

Perusal of the current number of the E.J., especially Shove's 295

Point about classical theory and international lending 258

Possibly, if there is still opportunity for correction [Robertson] 570

P.S. They have let me look at the replies to my Economist letter 376

Really, this wont do. I never originated the term hoarding. 403

Remarks to R.F.H.'s "Essay in Dynamic Theory" [Marschak] 822

Right --I'll reserve a copy of M. P. for Christ Church [Keynes] 107

Since I wrote to you on Nov. 20 I have got Cole's [Cannan] 333

Since my return from the States, [Webb] 909

So far as I am concerned I shall certainly [Keynes] 501

Some time ago when your article appeared in the Times [Hall] 820

Sorry. I cant have made clear what I was driving at. 486

Sorry for delay, --owing to a muddle [Robertson] 276

Suppose profits (Q 1 and Q 2 collectively or severally) are 212

Tautologies. You have been trained [Robertson] 497

Thank you exceedingly for your very painstaking letter. [Kahn] 382

Thank you for letting me see these proofs [Allen] 571

Thank you for returning proof so promptly. [Taussig] 352

Thank you for your 2 letters. Alas! I found the kernel [Robertson] 372

Thank you for your interesting letter. I am afraid [Kaldor] 803

Thank you for your letter and telegram. [Dalton] 854

thank you for your letter of July 7 th [Morgenstern] 688

Thank you for your letter of the 14th [Simon] 858

Thank you for your note. You are quite right [Meade] 531

Thank you heartily for sending me the reprint [Taussig] 865

Thank you very much for your further letter. [Robbins] 635

Thank you very much for your kind letter; I am glad [Ramsey] 158

Thank you very much for your letter and criticism. 152

Thank you very much for your letter. I do not think [Churchill] 866

Thank you very much for your note and also for [Meade] 515

Thank you very much for your note and Ramsey's. I think that 155

Thank you very much for your note. I am so sorry [Meade] 272

Thank you very much,--I am consoled, [Robertson] 363

Thank you very much indeed for taking so much trouble. [Keynes] 463

Thanks for your letter. I will await developments. [Keynes] 754

Thanks for your letter. May be, you are right that this [Palyi] 245

Thanks for your note on Laissez-Faire [Keynes] 488

Thanks for your revised version. [Keynes] 838

The answer to your last most interesting letter will [Kahn] 400

The argument you provide against prices falling [Keynes] 637

The course of events has just led me to reread [Knight] 716

The definition of saving implied in my first letter to the 388

The enclosed is very interesting, but I am a little [Keynes] 320

The enclosed is what I propose to say about you 580

The enclosed notes deal mainly with one point in our dossiers. 613

The "guilty fallacy". I am sorry this produced irritation. 651

The hour is striking in which you can either give a great lead 292

The negative part of my statement about non-capitalists 526

The position about Pigou's book is as follows. [Keynes] 322

The Presidential Address should be ready in a week or so. 778

The procedure with regard to the Scott-Stokes minutes 537

"The very reasonable assumption that consequences 837

The work you are undertaking sounds most intriguing. 252

There has been some criss-crossing in our letters. 398

There is much <bulk> in what you say [Edgeworth] 73

There is no doubt that your Presidential Address, [Keynes] 787

There must have been a misprint in my last letter. [Robinson] 744

There seems to be a serious confusion [Robinson] 752

These objects have now come, so I send you a couple [Robertson] 648

This is a curate's egg! Chapter 2 is excellent. [Keynes] 273

This is awful. We must reach agreement. I will explain 299

This is first-class stuff and exceptionally interesting. [Keynes] 811

This is for your consideration. I think it is all right. 348

This is just a line to remind you of my existence 926

This is to thank you for your kind [Richter-Altschäffer] 654

This note is most excellent. May I have it back? 530

This reached me on holiday, when I had not [Robertson] 842

This seems very good. I am not quite sure what the present 357

Tinbergen--Your letter of the 18th [Keynes] 839

To be completely frank with you, [Kahn] 439

to be practical. I am putting you in the Blue Boar [Robertson] 625

Very many thanks for your extremely generous letter: [Hall] 623

Very many thanks for your letter of the 12th inst. [Craven-Ellis] 896

We had to have another sub-faculty meeting this evening 434

We have now discussed the paper and the subject [Bode] 421

We have received a communication from Professor [Webb] 220

We shall be very pleased to lunch with you on Feb. 25 th [Hall] 346

We, the signatories of this letter, occupy official positions 329

What a miserable (and frequently dishonest) review [Keynes] 674

What about the enclosed note of yours on Collective [Keynes] 354

When I said "encourage" I was thinking [Robinson] 738

While you have to neglects the affairs of the world in order to 399

Why do you insist on arguing when it is obvious [Robinson] 740

Will you tell me if you think I ought to stand for this 664

With regard to your last note:-- 516

Work at Geneva--a short holiday in Savoy [Robertson] 663

Yes, I rather suspect there was a fundamental [Robertson] 275

Yes, --I see,-- your argument is, I think, rightly [Robertson] 233

Yes, my answer to your initial objection [Robinson] 677

You are of course acquainted with the Cambridge [Keynes] 131

You are quite right; I'm sorry I can't have understood [Ramsey] 168

You are right in assuming that I want to see [Runciman] 242

You deserve immense congratulation. I was teasing [Keynes] 263

You do not disturb me by the charge of tautology. 496

You have convicted me of a good deal of muddle [Robertson] 113

You have met my criticisms in the enclosed [Keynes] 280

You have stated your point very clearly in your last letter 533

You know much more than I do about economic theory [Joseph] 95

You may remember that I said I would divide my comments 617

You may wonder why I lay such stress on a point 460

You refer in your letter to some sentences enclosed 563

You say, "let us define as follows:-- `Capitalistic' 112

You say that a reduction in the rate of interest 773

You were good enough to speak to me over the telephone 845

You were kind enough to suggest that I should write down 68

Your addendum (of which I have been sent 2 [Robertson] 370

Your arguments may be considered under two heads: [Edgeworth] 71

Your article has now reached me. I find the first part [Keynes] 151

Your article on dynamics looks most exciting. [Keynes] 806

Your comments on my use of definition were well deserved 123

Your conundrum is a very interesting one. [Keynes] 633

Your disagreement with Shove about S>I --I think he said 305

Your last chapters have just arrived. We intend to return 467

Your letter came to me during the rush of work last term 684

Your letter I think contains new matter which wasnt before us 307

Your letter is very cheering. But it leaves me puzzled. [Kahn] 387

Your letters always lead me on in the most disgraceful way. 440

Your name has been given to me as one of the rising [Fisher] 126

Your note is most valuable and throws a flood of light 270

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