934R. Petition to the chancellor, n.d. [1931 or 1932] [a]

Petition by a number of members of the Hebdomadal Council to the chancellor of Oxford University (Edward Grey, Viscount Grey of Fallodon), arguing that in view of the matters of unusual importance affecting university policy, in the light of the additional problems raised by the national crisis, and in continuity with the tradition, the present vice-chancellor should remain in office for an additional year. [1].

  1. 1. There is no trace of this letter in the Registry file at the Bodleian Library, where documents regarding the vice-chancellorship ar preserved (UR6/VC/1). Vice-chancellors were Frederick Homes Dudden, master of Pembroke (1929-32) and Francis John Lys, provost of Worchester (1932-35). It was customary at this time for each vice-chancellorship to last three years, although it does appear that the procedure was for the chancellor to formally make a nomination each year for one year only.
    1. a. AD, five pages, on Christ Church letterhead paper, in HPBL 72768/33-36.

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