Undated letters


929R. G. E. G. Catlin to Harrod, [probably 1922 or 1923]

930R. H. H. Price to Harrod [probably sent when they both were students]

931R. J. D. Woodruff to Harrod, [end 1923 or beginning 1924]

932R. J. B. Herbert to Harrod, undated

933R. E. L. Woodward to Harrod, undated [1930 or 1931]

934R. Petition to the chancellor, n.d. [1931 or 1932]

935R. A. J. Ayer to Harrod, [2-3 February, 1937]

936R. R. F. Bretherton to Harrod, 1937.

937R. T. W. Chaundy to Harrod, 8 April

938R. T. W. Chaundy to Harrod, 13 April (year not specified)

939R. T. W. Chaundy to Harrod, not dated

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