924. Harrod to R. G. Hawtrey , 14 August 1939 [a]

[Answered by 925 ]

Christ Church, Oxford #

14 August 1939

Dear Hawtrey

I gather that you have seen a short memo of mine on buying commodities. The reason of it is that David Stephens tho' not an old pupil is an ex-undergraduate of ours whom I knew fairly well and that I gathered he was in a department concerned with purchases. [1]

I dont quite remember what I said in the memo so I have written a few more notes. [2] I must say that the case seems overwhelming. Please do not bother to compose a "reply", as I am sure you are very busy; but I do hope that you will give consideration to the points and secure consideration from others.

Yours sincerely

Roy Harrod

  1. 1. See Stephen's letters 913 and 923 .

    2. Neither the original memorandum nor the additional notes have been found.

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, in HTRY file 10/49 (Churchill Archives Centre, courtesy of the Master and Fellows of Churchill College, Cambridge, and the Keeper and staff of Churchill Archives Centre).

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