922R. P. <Kerlin> to Harrod, 5 August 1939 [a]

The author comments on a letter and on a reprint by Harrod on contraceptives and population, [1] and discusses some alternative methods for estimating the Malthusian parameter.

  1. 1. Although the title of the offprint is not indicated, the most likely candidate is "Population and the Future", where "readily available and efficient contraceptives" are identified as one of the main causes of the decline of family size (Harrod 1938:7 , in particular pp. 197-206); the point, however, was also discussed in "Modern Population Trends" ( 1939:18 ), pp. 10-14 (the paper was read before the Manchester Statistical Society on 1 March 1939, and first published as 1939:6 ), and shortly mentioned in "How National Birth-Rate Could be Raised", Harrod 1937:6 , here as press item 13 , [jump to page] ). The "Malthusian parameter of population increase" is a formula measuring the population trend propounded by R. A. Fisher, cited in "Population and the Future", p. 190.
    1. a. From 9, Chadlington Road, Oxford, ALS (only the name «Patrick» being clearly legible), two pages on one leaf, in HP IV-C/A/24.

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