921R. Harrod to Wilhelmine Harrod, 28 July 1939 [a]

Harrod would like to spend the few days between his holiday with his mother and the following one with his wife "to do the Enc. Brit.". [1]

  1. 1. There are further reference to the Encyclopedia Britannica in some of the following letters, dated 29 July, 10, 11 (two letters), and 12 August (HPBL Add. 72772/287-88, 72778/9, 72778/13, 72778/14 and 72778/15-16, respectively), from which it results that the work was done on 10-12 August 1939. From this correspondence, however, it is not possible to ascertain what kind of work Harrod had been doing, and his name is not listed among the contributors of the following edition of the Encyclopedia.
    1. a. From Sillwood Hall Hotel, Brighton#, ALS, two pages, in HPBL Add. 72777/281.

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