920R. Harrod to Wilhelmine Harrod, 25 July 1939 [a]

"I am so glad you argued with John [1] about politics. It is really disgraceful that he doe not use his influence in the right direction. You remember the numerous occasions Sinclair cited on which the Liberals made overtures, [2] and only recently he said quite definitely in a speech before the Whitsuntide conference that the liberals were ready to co-operate. [3] It is absurd to say that the Liberals let Labour down in 1931; Labour was divided against itself, it didnt know its own mind, and was behaving a way which everyone save a bigoted adherent was bound to condemn."

  1. 1. John Dugdale, the private secretary of Clement Attlee, the leader of the opposition.

    2. See letter 856 R.

    3. The Times does not report recent speeches by Sinclair on the subject.

    1. a. From Sillwood Hall Hotel, Brighton#, ALS, two pages, in HPBL Add. 72777/265.

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