912R. Cora Hodson to Harrod, 27 June 1939 [a]

The letter concerns Harrod's letter to The Times on "Rising the Birth rate". [1] Hodson sends information on the Bureau of Human Fertility, of which she is the honorary general secretary.

  1. 1. Harrod, "Rising the Birth rate. A One-Third Increase Need" ( 1939:13 ), here as press item 34 . Harrod also received comments on the proposal of tackling the population decline by a system of family endowments from an unidentified correspondent on 28 June 1939 (in HP IV-C/A/23).
    1. a. From Bureau of Human Fertility, London # , one page TLS in HP IV-C/A/19. The enclosure is filed in HP IV-C/A/20-22.

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