908R. Anonymous to Harrod, 27 May 1939 [a]

The letter concerns the questionnaire prepared by Dr. Campbell for the "Economic Observation" group and the procedure for submitting it to some capital goods industries (Iron and Steel, Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Cement and Bricks). [1]

  1. 1. The Oxford Economists' Research Group explored the possibility of forming an "Economic Observation" group, with the intention of collecting information for the capital goods industries by means of a questionnaire on the volume of sales and of orders received and completed month by month, to be circulated among the firms which co-operated by supplying information. A preliminary Advisory Board consisted of Harrod, Arnold Plant of the LSE and C. Douglas Campbell of the University of Liverpool. The OERG was to have right of publication of the results (Economic Observation, Untitled document, three pages, mimeo, June 1939, probably a draft of a circular letter to firms in the capital goods trade, in ABP 228). The project was aborted due to the war.
    1. a. CcTL, not signed nor initialled, two pages, addressed to Christ Church, in ABP 228.

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