906R. Mary Somerville to Harrod, 17 May 1939 [a]

Somerville invites Harrod to deliver a radio talk on Marx to sixth forms for the BBC series on "Forceful Thinkers". [1] Continues at 915 R.

  1. 1. Harrod accepted (letter to Somerville, 19 May 1939, in BBC). The talk was broadcasted on 23 June, 3.35 to 3.55 p.m. (Somerville had originally suggested 16 June; see a letter to Harrod intialled EHW on Somerville's behalf, 31 May 1939, in BBC). Harrod was asked to submit a script by 13 June. The script is reproduced here as essay 22 ; see in particular note 1 .
    1. a. TLI, Cc, one page, addressed to Christ Church, in BBC.

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