905R. Henry Strakosch to Harrod, 15 May 1939 [a]

Strakosch asks Harrod to be on the side of A. R. Guinness at the 10th meeting of the International Chamber of Commerce in Copenhagen, from 26 June to 1 July, on the questions of currency, credit and gold (among others). [1]

  1. 1. Harrod seems to have been tempted by the proposal (Strakosch to Harrod, 18 May 1939, in HP VII/G-2/10); the conference, however, partly overlapped with a meeting in Belfast (Harrod accepted an invitation by H. O. Meredith of Queen's University of Belfast, in October 1938; from the extant correspondence, however, it is not clear what occasioned the meeting: Meredith to Harrod, [10]October 1938, in HPBL Add. 72764/132), and Harrod eventually renounced to Copenhagen. Meanwhile Strakosch sent a number of documents relating to the conference, in particular the proceedings of the British National Committee of the Chambers of Commerce, a copy of the correspondence between senator R. F. Wagner and Mr. Morgenthau, and some documents which the Transvaal Chamber of Mines has circulated among its members (in HP VII/G-2/2-8). Later Harrod exchanged views with Guinness, viva voce at first and by letter later. It would seem that Harrod offered to draft a resolution for the Copenhagen meeting (Guinness to Harrod, 31 May 1939, in HP VII/G-2/11), but it cannot be ascertained whether he actually wrote it or not. At any rate, on 2 June (HP VII/G-2/14) Guinness sent him a report for the Copenhagen Congress drafted by Mr. Wallenberg on "International Monetary Equilibrium and the Pre-War Gold Standard System" (which was later printed as section I. of M. Wallenberg, "International Monetary Questions. A Survey of Recent Developments", International Chamber of Commerce, Doc. No. 3); Guinness asked Harrod to comment upon this paper (letter of 16 June, in HP VII/G-2/15), and to send the comments directly to Copenhagen (letter of 20 June, in HP VII/G-2/16). Harrod's letter (which was not found) arrived late, but Guinness commented that it was nonetheless useful (21 July, in HP VII/G-2/17).
    1. a. From Princes House, 95, Gresham Street, London # , TLS, two pages, addressed to Christ Church, in HP 7/G-2/9.

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