904R. A. D. Lindsay to Harrod, 21 April 1939 [a]

Lindsay regrets that he has not written earlier about "our Popular Front meeting". [1] He thinks that it is important to carry the Oxford Labour Party into the Popular Front, and suggests that Harrod talks to Pakenham about it. [2] He asks to postpone the next meeting from April 29 to May 6th, and he proposes to set as the main ingredient in the agenda "Program of Cripps Petition". [3] Finally, he encloses a letter he had from V. H. Finney, which was meant for Harrod. [4]

  1. 1. On these meetings see note 1 to press item 21 .

    2. Frank Pakenham was one of the members of the Oxford City Labour Party who advocated am alliance against the Conservative candidate at the Oxford by-election of October 1938: see note 1 to letter 861 .

    3. In connection with this meeting, Lindsay has forwarded to Harrod two letters from people being unable to attend: T. Atholl Robertson to Lindsay, 1 May 1939, from The Scots Year Book, in HP VI/165-175/11; and F. T. Jones (Chairman of Marlow Labour Party) to Lindsay, 2 May 1939, in HP VI/165-175/12. The latter pointed out that two years earlier the Marlow Party passed a resolution in favour of the Popular Front, and later in favour of the reinstatement of Stafford Cripps. A list of Liberal and Labour representatives who accepted to take part in the meeting is preserved in HP VI-176/16.

    4. Probably V. H. Finney to Lindsay, 24 January 1939, from the Council of Action for Peace and Reconstruction, in HP VI/176/7; in this letter, Finney summarizes the position in 11 constituencies. On the Council's position see note 1 to letter 901 R.

    1. a. From Low Ground, <Boot>, Cumberland, two pages ALS, in HP VI/165-175/6.

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