48R. Harrod to J. D. Woodruff, 10 January 1923 [a]

Harrod informs Woodruff of his scarce progress in speaking German and his "not so bad" progress in reading German (about 5 pages in an hour). [1] "I have long since given up hope of learning anything of history or economics while I am here." Harrod also describes with contempt a lecture of, and a conversation with, Prof. Bonn, complaining of his "sweeping generalizations", and concludes with a polemical note on "Poor German universities." [2]

  1. 1. Harrod reported of his advancement in German in two other letters, of 16 March and 21 August 1923 (both in DWP Box 3 Folder 23). He eventually justified his lack of progress as follows: "My study is I take it to enable me to read German quotations rather than German books."

    2. Harrod was spending his second term outside Oxford in Berlin to familiarize himself with economics: see note 2 to letter 30 R. On Moritz Bonn see note 1 to letter 56 R.

    1. a. Bei Frau Segall, Mommenstr. 12, Charlottenberg, Berlin, two pages ALS, in DWP Box 3 Folder 23.

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