902R. M. L. Richey to Harrod, 19 April 1939 [a]

Follows on from 864 R. Richey send the brochure listing the lectures offered by the Lecture Management Inc., which has been distributed to schools and lecture societies, [1] and asks Harrod to keep her posted with any booked dates he has.

  1. 1. Richey contacted Harrod on 27 October 1938 (letter 864 R), asking if he would consider accepting lecture engagements through the medium of Lecture Management Ltd. Following Harrod's request of further details, Richey explained that she had in mind lectures to such organizations as Bankers' Institutes, Accountant Societies and so on (2 November 1938). Harrod sent a list of subjects for possible lectures (acknowledged on 23 November 1938 by Barbara Hayes, the Director of Lecture Management Ltd). On 13 December Richey asked for Harrod's notice for the new brochure to be distributed at the beginning of the new year, and explained their fees system, and on 16 December she also asked for a photograph to be inserted in their catalogue, and agreed to let Harrod pay them after his first engagement (all this correspondence is filed in HP VIII/142-201).

    The List of Lectures and Subjects, Season 1939-40, undated, is preserved in the same folder. Harrod introduced himself as "an expert on Banking and Finance, and a keen advocate of monetary reform" and "as [one] interested in the Population problem [who] has recently been making vigorous pleas for the greatest diffusion of knowledge and for the institution of family allowances". He advertised lectures on "Banking Policy and the Trade Cycle" (The nature of trade cycle--importance of variations in capital outlay--rate of interest in theory and practice--power of the banking system--limits of interests in banking policy), "Trade Recession and Defence Expenditure" (Recession of 1938--is worse to be expected? American outlook--Defence expenditure in place of Public Works--short term, long term borrowing--Curing depression and financing defence), and "Our Declining Birth-Rate" (Historical survey--danger of racial extinction--Economic aspect--Education--Women's position--Family allowances--Change of outlook).

    1. a. From the Lecture Management Limited, London # , one page TLS, in HP VIII/142-201.

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