901R. V. H. Finney to Harrod, 28 March 1939 [a]

Finney, the general secretary to the Council of Action for Peace and Reconstruction, [1] thanks Harrod for a letter, and announces that he will work out a scheme on the suggested lines.

  1. 1. The Council of Action for Peace and Reconstruction was a non-party organization founded in July 1935 by Lloyd George, who had ceased to support the Liberal Party led by Samuel. The Council gave its support to Lindsay on occasion of the Oxford City by-election (undated leaflet [October 1938], "Who Supports Dr. Lindsay?", first signatory Gilbert Murray, published by W. S. Belcher, Oxford, in JMP 1275, Box 136), and strongly advocated direct political action on a programme developed along Keynesian lines ("The Call to Action", The Times, 2 July 1935, p. 18, and "The `Council of Action'. Mr. Lloyd George's Call to Arms", The Times, 3 July 1935, p. 9. See A. Marwick, "Middle Opinion in the Thirties: Planning, Progress and Political `Agreement'", English Historical Review LXXIX, April 1964, pp. 295-96, and M. Lynch, Lloyd George and the Liberal Dilemma, London: Hodden and Stoughton, 1993, p. 108).
    1. a. From the Council of Action for Peace and Reconstruction, Thames House, London # , one page TLS, in HP VI/165-175/5.

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