899R. A.H. Cheney to Harrod, 28 February 1939 [a]

Replies to 897 , answered in Harrod's absence by P. W S. Andrews on 2 August 1940. Cheney, joint manager of Seager, Evans & Co., complains that the letter accompanying the Oxford Economists' Research Group's questionnaire on the rate of interest shows a bias by indicating what result the researchers expected to receive. [1]

  1. 1. Andrews replied as follows:
    • [...] Your letter suggested that the result may have been prejudiced by Mr. Harrod's covering letter, in which he mentioned our previous interviews and stated that we have been led to doubt the importance of the rate of interest. That was, of course, a sound criticism, and we considered that possibility when the letter was drafted. We have however had good reasons to expect business men whom we approached without an introduction to be a little suspicious of our motives. Mr. Harrod therefore felt that he should explain the reason for his inquiry as fully as possible, and that he should refer to our previous printed work as an example of the use which we made of confidential information. (2 August 1940, in ABP 48).
      1. a. From Seager, Evans & Co., London # , one page TLS, accompanying the OERG questionnaire Q11/1302, in ABP 48.

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