893R. Granville Leveson-Gower to Harrod, 31 January 1939 [a]

Leveson-Gower sends a reprint from the Manchester Guardian of 14 November 1938 on "The Case against the Government". [1]

  1. 1. The reprint was not found among Harrod's papers. In his letter to the Manchester Guardian (14 November 1938, p. 16) Leweson-Gower explains that he refuses to join the South Kensington Conservative association because of the government's foreign policy, and announces that he will do, and is doing, all he can "to dislodge a hypocritical, incapable, pusillanimous Government from power and to place in its stead an Administration which will restore this nation to its former proud position, when it was respected instead of being mocked and despised." Harrod and Leveson-Gower seem to have discussed the topic again later, as on 17 May Leveson-Gower wrote that he was all in favour of the Popular Front, but doubted that the perspicacity and the patriotism of the Labour leaders would make it practicable (HPBL Add. 71185/105-7).
    1. a. From 10 Thurlow Place, S.W.7. # , three pages ALI, in HPBL Add 71611/97-99.

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