890R. P. W. S. Andrews to Harrod, 24 January 1939 [a]

Andrews reports on the number of replies promised or obtained so far to the Oxford Economists' Research Group's Questionnaire number 10. He thinks that there is a fair chance of completion by the end of February. [1]

  1. 1. The OERG's questionnaire "Q 10", requesting supplementary information updating the original OERG questionnaire, was sent out at the beginning of January 1939 to the entrepreneurs previously interviewed by the group. It consisted of 6 questions, concerning annual sales, prices, expenditure on repairs, renewals and extensions of plants, and the value of raw materials, work in progress and finished goods in stock (copies are in ABP 170 and RF 1.1, series 401s, box 75, folder 991). Scott-Stokes replied on 11 and 13 January (letters to Harrod, in ABP 634), Cadbury wrote on 23 January (he also sent a pamphlet which they have printed privately on recent conditions in France in connection with the Blum legislation: "The French 40-Hour Week", in HCN 5.2). Andrews had sent updates on the inflow of other replies on 13 and 19 January (in HCN 4.1.4. and 4.1.5; Cc of the latter in ABP 634 and 635).

    Further correspondence between Harrod and Andrews indicates that part of the expenses for the questionnaire were met by the Social Studies Committee (Harrod to Andrews, 26 January 1939, in ABP 634).

    1. a. From Institute of Statistics, Oxford # , one page TLS, in HCN 5/2/3, Cc in ABP 634.

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