886R. M. H. Macmillan to Harrod, 8 January [1939] [a]

Replies to 885 , the exchange continues at 891 . Macmillan thinks that the circular letter to a number of dissident conservative MPs is excellent. He promises to send a list of MPs whom the letter could be addressed, and suggests to send it to those who abstained on Munich. [1]

  1. 1. Refers to a preliminary draft of letter 894 . Macmillan sent the following list of MPs on 11 January: R. J. G. Boothby, Derrick Gunston, R. K. Law, A. M. Lyons, S. F. Markham, Godfrey Nicholson, C. M. Patrick, and J. Henderson Stewart. Next to Markham's and Stewart's names Harrod noted "Lab" and "Lib", respectively (in HP IV-792-947).
    1. a. From Birch Grove House, Chelwoodgate, Haywards Heath # , two pages ALS, marked "Private", in HP IV-792-947. Misdated 1938.

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