885. Harrod to M. H. Macmillan , 3 January 1939 [a]

[Replies to 883 , answered by 886 ]

Christ Church, Oxford #

3 January 1939


Dear Macmillan

Many thanks for your letter. I wonder whether you think that the Manchester Guardian article is sufficiently lucid to be worth circulating to a number of conservative members? [1] I have a certain number of copies left. Though I sent a copy to you, I did not send it to more than 2 or 3 members when it appeared. I enclose another copy in case you did not keep yours.

Then I thought if I sent it I might cover it with a letter on the lines of the enclosed. [2] If you think this worth doing, would you return it to me, as it is my only draft.

I should do it of course entirely on my own responsibility without referring to any other person whatever. Where I should like your assistance, if you think the thing worth proceeding with, would be a list of suitable Conservative members to send it to. I suppose one might take the abstainers on the Munich resolution as a basis. Perhaps there are some other potential wobblees?

I look forward to seeing you in Oxford soon.

Yours sincerely

Roy Harrod

  1. 1. Harrod, "The Opposition. An Electoral Pact Needed" ( 1938:23 ), press item 30 ; see in particular note 1 for context.

    2. The preliminary draft of Harrod's circular letter to a limited number of members of Parliament does not seem to have survived. The final draft is reproduced here as letter 894 .

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, in MaP. Page one has a pencilled stroke, with indication "T<M>".

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