881R. T. B. Kittredge to Harrod, 22 December 1938 [a]

Kittredge, of the Rockefeller Foundation, suggests, as a possibility for partially financing the continuation of the Rockefeller grant in support of the trade cycle programme at Oxford, [1] that before submitting a request the Oxford Economists' Research Group explores the relation which may exist between their program and other projects under study, in particular at the National Institute for Economics and Social Research. Kittredge also asks for a program of the research to be undertaken. [2]

  1. 1. The OERG research initially benefited from part (£250 a year, used for the salary of the secretary of the group) of a £5,000 per year grant offered by the Rockefeller Foundation for the development of a programme in the social science. This grant was to expire in July 1939 (see note 2 to essay 15 ). However, the OERG plan exceeded the scope of the funds available for special research; thus, supplementary financing for the development of a program of research relating to business cycle developments in Great Britain was requested, and up to £3,400 over three years and four months beginning in March 1937 were granted by the Rockefeller Foundation (Rockefeller Foundation, resolution RF 37015).

    2. This letter probably results from a discussion between Harrod, Douglas Veale (the university registrar) and Kittredge on 17 December. Harrod replied to Kittredge's letter on 24 December promising that contacts would be taken with the National Institute, and asking for an assurance as to the Rockefeller Foundation's interest in the OERG's research that would allow them to plan ahead (copy sent to Veale, in OUA UR6/MS/3/2). Kittredge reported on 27 December that talks with the Rockefeller officials indicated that they were prepared to consider a direct application for a grant to extend the trade cycle studies, and recommends that additional funds were asked to the National Institute (both letters in Social Studies Research Committee, OUA UR6/MS/3/2). As a result of these negotiations Veale sent a report to the Rockefeller Foundation, including a research programme, on 11 January 1939 (in OUA, SSRC file MS/3/2). An account of the OERG research for the National Institute was later prepared by Veale on the basis of a detailed description supplied by Harrod: see letter 888 R. On the outcome of the negotiations see note 2 to letter 888 R.

    1. a. [From the Rockefeller Foundation], two pages CcTL, sender's name typed, addressed to Christ Church, enclosing a copy (not found) of a letter from Kittredge to Veale (registrar of Oxford University), in RF 1.1, Series 401S, Box 75, Folder 985.

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