877R. M. H. Macmillan to Harrod, 14 December 1938 [a]

Macmillan thanks for a copy of Harrod's article in the Manchester Guardian of 6 December, [1] and invites him to have lunch together and talk about the whole situation. [2]   [3]

  1. 1. Harrod, "The Opposition. An Electoral Pact Needed" ( 1938:23 ), press item 30 ; see in particular note 1 for context.

    2. Macmillan spoke on several occasions in favor of a progressive alliance in the interest of liberty and reconstruction: see for instance H. Macmillan, "In Defence of Liberty", New Outlook I:5, 9 October 1936. He also spoke at the 23rd National Peace Congress held at Oxford in July 1933, took part in "exploratory conversations upon the possibility of forming some organization which could concretely express the union of centre-progressive forces", was present when Lloyd George announced the formation of the Council of Action for Peace and Reconstruction on 1-2 July 1935, and was a joint-treasurer of the Next Five Years group (see A. Marwick, "Middle Opinion in the Thirties: Planning, Progress and Political `Agreement'", The English Historical Review LXXIX:311, April 1964, in particular pp. 290-95). Finally, he also wrote in support of Lindsay: his message is published in a pre-poll report in the Manchester Guardian ("The Oxford By-Election. Conservatives and Labour: Canvassers' Tactics", 24 October 1938, p. 12) and spoke in his favor (part of the speech is reported in the Manchester Guardian: "The Oxford By-Election. Mr. Lindsay's Way to a War-Proof World", 26 October 1938, p. 12).

    3. Harrod accepted the invitation on the following day (in MaP). The exchange continues at letter 882 .

    1. a. From Macmillan & Co., St. Martin's Street, London # , one page TLS, in HP IV-792-947.

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