873R. Harrod to the interviewees of the OERG, [end of November 1938] [a]

Harrod, as the chairman of the Oxford Economists' Research Group, [1] sends to the entrepreneurs who had accepted to be interviewed by the group a copy of the first issue of Oxford Economic Papers, [2] and announces that the Group intends to publish further studies of a similar character.

  1. 1. Harrod was elected chairman of the OERG in place of Henderson on 7 October 1938 (P. W. S. Andrews, "Report of business meeting held on 7th October 1938", in ABP 45 and 171 and HCN 4.8.1).

    2. The decision to send complimentary copies of the publication on "The Rate of Interest" with a covering letter from the chairman was adopted on 18 November (Andrews, "Report of the business meeting held on Friday, 18th November 1938", in ABP 171). Twelve replies from entrepreneurs are collected in ABP 633.

    1. a. From the Institute of Statistics, University of Oxford # , one page TCiL, not signed but indicating "Chairman, Oxford Economists' Research Group", in ABP 173.

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