870R. Archibald Sinclair to Harrod, 9 November 1938 [a]

Replies to 868 . Sinclair agrees with Harrod that the Oxford result was not bad. [1] In his opinion, besides the superiority of the Conservatives's propaganda machine, the unsuccess of Lindsay was also due to his announcement that he would not stand at the next General Election, and to the lack of support from the Labour Party headquarters. Sinclair will do his best to renew his efforts, but declines as futile Harrod's renewed suggestion to take the initiative with the Labour Party. He points out that there is decreasing discontent among dissident Conservatives, and therefore suggests instead to try to convince them to support Eden. [2]

  1. 1. John Sutro also agreed with Harrod that he had put up a good show for Lindsay (in HPBL Add. 72732/120), while Scott-Stokes commented: "So--But you began it--" (HP VI-501-502/6).

    2. For Dalton's analogous reply see letter 869 R. On Harrod's approach to dissident conservatives see note 1 to press item 30 .

    1. a. From 1, Thorney Court, Kensington, W.8., five pages TLS, addressed to 6 Beaumont St., in HP VI-508. Marked "Personal".

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