869R. E. H. J. N. Dalton to Harrod, 8 November 1938 [a]

The exchange continues at 875 R. Dalton thinks the week-end which Harrod proposed in Oxford to gather Labour and Liberal parties would not really be serviceable, and encourages instead Harrod to pursue his proposed approach to dissident Conservatives. [1]

  1. 1. See, for a similar proposal to Churchill and to Sinclair, letters 863 and 868 ; Sinclair's analogous reply is given as letter 870 R. On Harrod's approach to dissident Conservatives see note 1 to press item 30 .
    1. a. From the House of Commons # , one page TLS, in HP IV/253-268/3; marked "Private and confidential". © British Library of Political and Economic Science, Archives Division , London.

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