867. W. C. Mitchell to Harrod , 1 November 1938 [a]

Two Horatio Street, [Cambridge, Mass.] #

1 November 1938

Dear Harrod:

It was most kind of you to send me a reprint of your address as chairman of the Social Science Section of the British Association. I had already read the paper as published in the Economic Journal. [1] It is characterized by an intellectual sympathy far wider than one expects to find in most discussions of methodological problems. In this respect you seem to me to stand closer to the elder Keynes than to the younger one.

Accept my warm congratulations and believe me

Yours faithfully,

Wesley C. Mitchell

R. F. Harrod, Esq., Christ Church, Oxford, England

  1. 1. R. F. Harrod, "Scope and Method of Economics" ( 1938:15 ).
    1. a. TLS, one page, in HP IV-1238-1254/20.

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