864R. M. L. Richey to Harrod, 27 October 1938 [a]

Having noticed that Harrod was scheduled to speak at the Sunday Times Book Fair, [1] Richey asks him if he would consider accepting lecture engagements through the medium of Lecture Management Ltd., which she represents. The exchange continues at 902 R.

  1. 1. The programme of the Sunday Times Book Fair (London, 4-21 November 1938) was advertised in the Sunday Times on 23 October 1938. Harrod spoke on "Boom and Slump" on 17 November. The speech was summarized as follows:
    • I regard the problem of periodic slumps as one of the most urgent of the day. Experts are agreed that we must look for the cause, not among the particular accidents or misfortunes which immediately antecede it, but among the forces deeply connected with the functioning of our system of distribution and exchange. Until a corrective system is applied the recurrence of slumps of progressive severity may confidently be expected. We are in quite a serious slump at present. There is also a great national demand for increased defence expenditure. These two things, evil in themselves, may be made to work together for good. The recession justifies the finance of defence by borrowing, and this may put an end to the recession. But the policy cannot be created by ordinary peace-time routine. An emergency organisation is required. The nation must be put on to a quasi-war footing. Out of this may come not only immediate good but more far-reaching good also. (Sunday Times, 20 November 1938, p. 27).
      1. a. From the Lecture Management Limited, London # , one page TLS, in HP VIII/142-201.

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