862R. J. M. Keynes to Harrod, 26 October 1938 [a]

"You will find the Parliamentary Monetary Committee one of the most tiresome bodies of people on earth. I have spoken to them two or three times. It is worth while, I think, but most trying. The [a]udience floats in and out all the time, which makes any continuity of exposition most difficult. What they prefer is quite a short address followed by questions. Probably that is the most useful plan, and it gives them what they like, namely, an opportunity of hearing their own voices quite as much as yours." [1]

  1. 1. Harrod addressed the Parliamentary Monetary Committee on 10 November 1938. The speech is printed here as essay 20 ; see in particular note 1 for an account of the circumstances leading to the invitation.
    1. a. From King's College, Cambridge # , two pages TLI with autograph corrections, in HP II/91. Reproduced by kind permission of the Provost and Scholars, King's College, Cambridge.

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