841R. K. Sisam to Harrod, 23 September 1938 [a]

Replies to 807 , answered by 843 . Sisam is favourable to Harrod's idea of a volume of collected essays, provided that "you limit it to essays which you think make a clear contribution to the subject, and add a couple of essays, unpublished, to get over the Delegates' objection to sheer reprinting from the journals." Sisam also comments on Harrod's recent flood of articles and letters in The Times and other newspapers: [1] "You have been very much in the news lately. I am inclined to agree with you that the experiments you propose ought not to have any adverse effects, but am not clear whether the impression that the currency was being manipulated in a new way would not have unforeseen financial effects in this unreasoning world, which hoards banknotes, digs up gold to bury it again, etc. etc.!"

  1. 1. Harrod, "Banking and Trade Recession" ( 1938:9 and 1938:10 ), "Meeting a Trade Recession" ( 1938:11 ), "Meeting a Trade Recession. Mr. Harrod's Remedy" ( 1938:12 ), "Meeting a Trade Decline" ( 1938:14 ), "Expanding the Credit Base" ( 1938:17 ), "Credit, Growth and Trade" ( 1938:18 ), and "Trade Recession" ( 1938:19 ). See note 1 to press item 22 for an account of the debates raised by Harrod's articles and letters.
    1. a. From Clarendon Press, Oxford # , one page TLS, in HP IV/B/A-2; Cc in OUP CPED 001173. (by kind permission of Oxford University Press)

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