825R. A. Loveday to Harrod, 2 September 1938 [a]

Loveday sends to the participants in the Cambridge meeting on business cycle theories two sets of notes with the chief recommendations regarding Tinbergen's study. [1] Loveday comments that it was felt that "the work has been extremely interesting and should be continued", although some of the economists had doubts regarding the validity of some of the assumptions. [2]

  1. 1. J. Tinbergen, "A Statistical Test of Business Cycles Theories" and "Business Cycles in the United States of America, 1919-1937", later to become Tinbergen, Statistical Testing of Business Cycle Theories (1939). The attachments were some suggested changes to Tinbergen's draft and a note on Business Cycles in the USA (see source note a to this letter). On the Cambridge meeting see letter 772 .

    2. See, for instance, letter 823 .

    1. a. Circular letter, also addressed to Robertson, Divisia, Bowley, Marschak, Lundberg, Haberler, Champernowne (unofficially), Nurkse, Tinbergen, Koopmans, Polak, one page, TLI; one page TN with suggested changes to Tinbergen's work, two pages TN on Business Cycles in the USA, in LoN R4540, 10B/33815/12653.

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