820. R. L. Hall to Harrod , 26 August [1938] [a]

15 Banbury Road, Oxford #

26 August [1938] [b]

Dear Roy,

Some time ago when your article appeared in the Times [1] I meant to write and say how glad I was you were doing something in that direction, though I would not have dared to suggest your remedy. But probably it is the easiest and more likely to have some effect than anything that would set in motion some of the idle balances. Anyhow you have made people think about it.

However I was very much occupied and now I can write to say how warmly you are to be congratulated on what must have been the most successful Section F for many years. [2] Last time I attended I thought it was almost moribund: but on this occasion I spent one of the most pleasant and profitable weeks I can remember. The whole arrangement was so well thought out and I feel sure that you must have taken a great deal of trouble to get it into shape. I certainly felt that I must make more effort to go in future. Your own address I had already seen [3] but it sounded even better than it had promised.

As far as costs are concerned, I got the impression that people were really interested and I do think we ought to publish something soon. I felt rather guilty as you and Hitch were more responsible for my paper than I was: but at any rate we have begun to stake out our claim. [4]

Margaret sends her love to Billa [c] ;

With kind regards

Robert Hall

  1. 1. Harrod, "Meeting a Trade Recession" ( 1938:11 ).

    2. Harrod chaired the 17-24 August 1938 annual meeting of Section F of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

    3. Harrod, "Scope and Method of Economics" ( 1938:15 ). See letter 774 .

    4. Hall refers to the Oxford Economists' Research Group's research on prices and costs. Hall was asked by the group to read a paper before the British Association meeting on "The Business View of the Relation between Price and Cost" (see P. W. S. Andrews, "Report of Business meeting held on Monday, 21st February 1938, in Mr. Hitch's rooms at the Queen's College", in ABP 45 and 171, and HCN 4.6.1; "Report of business meeting held on March 1st, 1938, at the Institute of Statistics", in ABP 45 and 171 and HCN 4.7.1; British Association for the Advancement of Science, Report of the Annual Meeting, 1938, London 1938, pp.pp. 456-57. Copies of Hall's paper are in ABP 173 and HCN 4.31.6).

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, in HP IV-440-441. Envelope addressed to Christ Church, Oxford, with the indication "Please forward".

      b. Postmarked 26 August 1938.

      c. Ms: «Bella».

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