43R. H. H. Price to Harrod, 8 November [1922] [a]


Price thanks Harrod for the congratulations, and suggests him some places to visit in Cambridge: in particular, the Psychological Lab. He hopes Harrod will wake the Mental and Moral Sciences Club from their dogmatic and mathematical slumber. [1] He comments that Cambridge is wholly admirable, except for philosophy. [2] Finally, he expresses the opinion that Harrod's duty as a philosophical economist is to write not only on economics but also on allgemeine Werttheorie and on logic.

  1. 1. Harrod was about to read a paper on the Self before the Moral Science Club in Cambridge: see note 4 to letter 39 R.

    2. Price later changed his mind on philosophy at Cambridge: see letter 74 R.

    1. a. From 63 <Croxteth> Road, Liverpool, six pages ALS, with envelope addressed to King's College, Cambridge, year read from postmark, in KHLM 199.

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