807. Harrod to K. Sisam , 14 August 1938 [a]

[Replies to 796 R, answered by 841 R]

Christ Church, Oxford #

14 August 1938

Dear Sisam

1. I shouldnt at all mind £28 to help me with my Income Tax instalment.

2. Will you let me know if and when you want the minor corrections for the photographic reprint of the Trade Cycle. [1]

3. Leaving aside the question of a totally new book for the moment, I have another proposition, which you rather blew upon some time ago, [2] but which I none the less think now has something to recommend it. I mean a volume of collected essays. The fact is there are now a certain number of articles of really leading interest, which are rather lost in their journals. I give you some examples.

i. There is an article in the Quarterly Journal of Economics (Harvard) which appeared in 1934. [3] It contains my version of the theory of imperfect competition, which Ms Robinson has written about. I am frequently getting requests for offprints from various parts of the world, but no more are obtainable. Finally this year Professor F. H. Knight (Chicago) has printed 400 copies at his own expense for circulation at his lecture classes. [4] I feel this ought to be available again.

ii. There is my version of the relation of Keynes to orthodoxy. [5] This appeared in Econometrica, a very learned journal of international circulation, but rather small circulation here. It is I think the best account of Keynes by any other than himself. When I sent him a proof a week before he was due to lecture in Stockholm, he said he would gladly read my paper instead of his lecture as giving a new line on his views. [6]

iii. There is my presidential address to the British Association this week on Scope and Method. [7]

iv. There is an article carrying further my Trade Cycle ideas which I think is very good. [8] It will appear shortly. This by no means exhausts the list.

Of all these I think it may be said that they are still of topical interest, they are original contributions to modern theory and to branches thereof that are now under discussion. I thought I might add one or two new articles, not before published. I had in mind a volume of about the same length as the Trade Cycle--to appear, say, next spring. If I postponed this project for some time, I mean, e.g., for 5 years, some of the articles might have lost their topical interest. The particular branches might have been finally mapped out, or have dropped out of fashion. I think I have now sufficient reputation for us to be sure of a sufficient sale, albeit moderate, to cover your expenses. I would not propose this if I did not think the articles definitely worthy of book form. What do you think?


Roy Harrod

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