797R. Harrod to G. D. A. MacDougall, 28 July 1938 [a]

Having heard rumours that MacDougall was wavering about his paper for the British Association, Harrod encourages him to jot down a few notes and explains that his speech was meant to supplement Shove's and Hall's contributions on costs. [1]

  1. 1. A letter from MacDougall posted on 29 July crossed Harrod's letter in the mail, explaining that he was worried about his paper and hated to miss the opportunity Harrod gave him, and therefore regretfully decided to withdraw it. Harrod wrote back on 1 August hoping that MacDougall would change his mind. On 1 August, MacDougall wrote that he accepted Harrod's suggestion (Harrod's postcard and drafts of MacDougall's letters are in MD). MacDougall's speech on "Overhead Cost and Economic Welfare" was delivered on 23 August, after Shove's paper on "The Interpretation and Allocation of Costs" and Hall's "The Business View of the Relation between Price and Cost": see British Association, Report of the Annual Meeting, 1938, London, pp. 456-57.
    1. a. From Christ Church # , ALS, two pages on one leaf, in MD (not classified), photocopy in HP (NC).

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