793R. Wilhelmine Harrod to Harrod, 19 July 1938 [a]

"I do hope you are enjoying Tinbergen and the other boys. [1] I expect you are as I remember you loved it at Geneva". [2]

  1. 1. Harrod was attending a meeting of a small number of economists, held in Cambridge and organized by the League of Nations, to discuss Tinbergen's report on statistical testing of trade cycle theories: see letter 772 .

    2. For Harrod's impressions on the preceding meeting of the group, held in Geneva in September 1937, see letters 694 R, 695 R, 696 R, 697 R, and 698 R to Wilhelmine Cresswell.

    1. a. From Biddesden House, Andover, eight pages ALS, in HPBL Add. 72777/198-201.

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