786R. Harrod to P. W. S. Andrews, 29 June 1938 [a]

Harrod asks to be sent a proof of the supplementary notes relating to the Oxford Economists' Research Group interview with Impey [1] and a further copy to be sent to Mr. Impey for his endorsement.

  1. 1. R. F. Harrod, "Supplementary Notes of Interview with Mr. F. Impey, Managing Director, Kalamazoo Ltd." (preliminary A draft in HCN 6.33.10, final T draft "to be printed and circulated", in HCN 6.33.8). This was based on some notes on marginal costing and other supplementary information supplied by Impey (also in HCN 6.33). A. D. Neish, the Secretary of Morland & Impey Ltd, commented on 14 July that Harrod's notes gave a true expression of the firm's policy, in spite of some inaccuracies (in HCN6.33.5): see note 3 to essay 14 .
    1. a. From Christ Church # , one page ALS, in HCN 6.33.11.

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