778. Harrod to J. M. Keynes , 13 June 1938 [a]

[Answered by 781 R]

Christ Church, Oxford #

13 June 1938

Dear Maynard

The Presidential Address should be ready in a week or so. [1] You suggested some time ago [2] that you would like to have it for the September number. About 12,000 words.

Then there is another piece I have on the stocks which I thought of for the December number. [3] This sounds rather greedy, but I dont think I have had anything in E.J. apart from reviews for quite a number of years. [4] The piece in question is concerned with the fundamental dynamic equation (law of growth) which I think is now formulated as neatly as may be together with some explanation about definitions of saving & investment etc.

I refer in the Address to the need for dynamic equations of this sort [5] and the article would therefore may a good follow-on. It would be much shorter than the address.



  1. 1. Keynes sent the Address "Scope and Method of Economics" (Harrod 1938:15 ) to the printer, and commented upon it, at the beginning of July: see letter 787 .

    2. See letter 749 R.

    3. The "Essay in Dynamic Theory" (Harrod 1939:7 ; the draft is reproduced here as essay 19 ).

    4. Harrod's last piece in the Economic Journal was the review article on Pigou's Theory of Unemployment ( 1934:1 ); he also had a few notes ( 1934:5 , 1936:4 and 1937:16 ) and a number of reviews.

    5. "Scope and Method of Economics" (Harrod 1938:15 ), pp. 402-5.

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, in JMK RES/1/2/123-24.

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