768. Harrod to Winston Churchill , 19 May 1938 [a] , [1]

Christ Church, Oxford #

19 May 1938

Dear Mr. Churchill

It has occurred to me that the enclosed [2] might interest you, if you found time from your many pre-occupations to devote half an hour to it. If you look at the last paragraph first, it will give you a key to the trend of the argument. I am afraid that there is some rather technical matter in the first few pages, but the reasoning developes on broader lines as it proceeds.

It is rather shameless to trouble you with this. But I find that the main facts set out are usually unknown to any save a few experts and the matter is clearly one of major public importance.

Yours very sincerely

Roy Harrod

  1. 1. Churchill thanked for the letter and the enclosure by telegram on 21 May (in HPBL Add. 71183/13. The text of the reply is also pencilled on the second page of Harrod's letter: see source note a ).

    2. Harrod, "The Future of Gold" ( 1938:6 ).

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, in Char 2/329/97 (Churchill Archives Centre, courtesy of the Master and Fellows of Churchill College, Cambridge, and the Keeper and staff of Churchill Archives Centre). The text of Churchill's telegram in reply is pencilled on the letter.

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