40R. A. N. Whitehead to Harrod, 3 November 1922 [a]


Whitehead thanks Harrod for having discovered a photo with his son Eric, [1] and sends an paper which "may amuse" Harrod as he was "apparently engaged in a tour of exploration into Cambridge thought". [2]

  1. 1. Harrod later described as follows the origin of his relationship with Whitehead:
    • My friendship with Whitehead originated from the fact that his son [Eric] was my contemporary at Westminster School during the First World War. Characteristically, he volunteered for the Air Force when he was only just seventeen years old, falsifying his age. He was sent to fight in France after little more than three months of training. [...] This charming young man was almost immediately killed.

      Whitehead went to live in Chelsea, after he became Professor of the College of Science and Technology in South Kensington [...]. He had what one might call an `At Home' for his friends once a week after dinner ( Harrod to Brian McGuinness, 20 February 1974 , in KHLM 180-87).

      I regularly went to their weekly after dinner At Homes, every week when I was still at Westminster and every week during vacations after I had gone to Oxford. When at Oxford I always spent the vacations --six months per year-- living with my mother in London ( Harrod to McGuinness, 10 May 1974 , in KHLM 180-87).

    2. On Harrod's sojourn in Cambridge see notes 1 to letter 26 R and 2 to letter 30 R. The paper sent by Whitehead could not be identified.

    1. a. From the Imperial College of Science and Technology, South Kensington, London # , two pages ALS, in KHLM 226.

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