763R. P. W. S. And rews to Harrod, 16 March 1938 [a]

Andrews sends 4 favourable replies from entrepreneurs, for which he has acknowledged receipt. Andrews, however, has not sent the questionnaires, suggesting that Harrod send them himself in order to have the opportunity for introducing himself. [1]

  1. 1. The entrepreneurs' replies concerned a request to arrange a meeting with Harrod: besides the interviews taking place at Oxford, individual members of the Oxford Economists' Research Group visited "different representative industrial centres, with a view to obtaining a wider range of representative answers on the matters dealt with in the questionnaires" (Social Studies Research Committee, Reports and Notes on the Work Supervised by the Committee, or Carried out under its Auspices during the Academic Year 1936-37, Oxford 1937, p. 13). The questionnaire referred to was the revised OERG's general questionnaire "Q. 2. R. A.", which Harrod sent out on 24 March. Two replies are preserved from entrepreneurs in Leicester, agreeing to meet Harrod and discuss the questionnaire (P. J. R. B. Barlow to Harrod, 27 March 1938, in HCN 4.32.6, and the staff manager of Wolsey Limited, Leicester, to Harrod, 14 April 1938, in HCN 4.32.10).
    1. a. From the Institute of Statistics, Oxford # , one page circular TLS with autograph additions, in HCN 4.32.5.

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