750R. F. K. Griffith, to Harrod, 23 January 1938 [a]

Griffith belatedly replies to a letter from Harrod, informing him that he was in touch with Fremantle but cannot support an amendment he does not yet know. However, he was impressed by the collective letter in The Times of 21 January. [1]

  1. 1. Reference is to Harrod, "The Population Bill. A Proposal for Its Amendment" ( 1938:2 , here as press item 19 ; see note 2 for context). Griffith's original position was expressed in his speech before the House of Commons on 29 November 1937 (Official Reports, Fifth Series. Parliamentary Debates. Commons, vol. 329, pp. 1739-46) and in a letter to The Times ("Statistics of Population", 4 December 1937, p. 10) in response to Harrod's "Figures of the Birth-Rate" ( 1937:17 , press item 17 ).
    1. a. From 8, Andrew Avenue, <+>, Kent, two pages ALS, with envelope addressed to Christ Church, in HP VI-114/2.

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