39R. Harrod to J. D. Woodruff, 29 October 1922 [a]

"I take weekly essays in the ordinary way to Keynes". [1] "I have been enjoying myself here. I have read some but not much economics. Soon I shall have to read a paper to the Ec. society on some such subject as "Should Pigou be read in Oxford." [2] This last week I did 38 hours --my record since Schools. [3] But most of it was taken up in writing a paper on the Self which I have to read to the Moral Science club later." [4] "I dont hear political news here. Keynes says that to be an economist you must read the papers, and again more papers etc. [5] I havent begun." Continues at 41 R.

  1. 1. Keynes's appointment diaries record five meetings with Harrod during the term he spent in Cambridge, on 30 October, 13, 20 and 27 November, and on 4 December, all at 6.30 (JMK PP/41). These are described in Harrod, Life of John Maynard Keynes (1951), pp. 323-24.

    2. The paper is not extant. Harrod later described his speech before Keynes's Political Economy Club in The Life of John Maynard Keynes (1951), p. 327. His recollection that he read a paper on a methodological subject and that the secretary mischievously altered the title into "Should Cambridge economists be read at Oxford" does not therefore prove entirely accurate. The audience does not seem to have agreed on Harrod's opinion: see letter 45 R.

    3. In his letters to Douglas Woodruff while an undergraduate, Harrod often recorded the number of hours he worked during the week (these letters are collected in DWP).

    4. The paper was read on 10 November (Harrod to Woodruff, APc, 10 November 1922, in DWP Box 3 Folder 23a). A fragment with no title nor date survives, beginning "Among the objects which the subject surveys we have not yet mentioned the surveyor itself" (AD, four pages, in HCN 12.36.1 ).

    5. In The Life of John Maynard Keynes (1951), p. 324, Harrod recollected that Keynes's "recipe for the young economist was to know his Marshall thoroughly and read his Times every day carefully".

    1. a. From King's College, Cambridge, three pages ALS, in DWP Box 3 Folder 23.

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