746. D. H. Robertson to Harrod , 21 January 1938 [a]

[Follows on from 717 , answered by 748 ]

Trinity [College, Cambridge]

21 January 1938

My dear Roy,

I owe you 3 apologies

(i) for not coming to your wedding [1]

(ii) for not signing your pronunciamento [2] (I can never sign even the mildest collective document nowadays without discovering excellent reasons within 1/2 an hour for withdrawing my signature by telegram, & I wanted to spare you the bother of that. Anyway you have got, in my opinion, just about 5 times too many signatures to be really effective!) [b]

(iii) And <now> another for shirking the Brit[ish]. Ass[ociation].--which I had already long since made up my mind was the only possible course of action! [3] And I'm afraid I don't propose to relent. But it's very kind of you to ask me to hold forth, & I appreciate it.

I hope you like being married, and are comfortably settled in your new house. Is there a hope that you have discovered some household utensil you lack, or have a hankering to [c] offer some particular book or object? If so, I do wish you would let me know. I am quite hopeless about buying wedding-presents in cold blood, but not lacking in good intentions.

If you have any time for reine Theorie nowadays, I hope you will find you have recovered from that little illness you had about the rate of interest in a stationary state. [4]

All good wishes in your new estate,--& forgive me for being a churl about the Ass.



  1. 1. Harrod married Wilhelmine `Billa' Cresswell on 8 January 1938.

    2. Harrod, "The Population Bill. A Proposal for Its Amendment" ( 1938:2 , press item 19 ).

    3. Robertson is nevertheless recorded to have taken part in the discussion of Beveridge's paper on "Unemployment in Relation to the Trade Cycle" (minutes in BAAS 337/76).

    4. See letter 717 , [jump to page] .

    1. a. ALS, two pages on one leaf, in HPBL Add. 72764/118.

      b. Ms: parenthesis not closed.

      c. Ms: «hankering offer».

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