742R. Harrod to J. Marschak, 20 January 1938 [a]

Being is particularly anxious to have some Oxford representation at the British Association meeting, Harrod invites Marschak to contribute a paper, possibly on a subject kindred to Champernowne's paper on the regional and industrial distribution of unemployment and its intensity in relation to the density of industry. [1]

  1. 1. Marschak read a paper on "Measurement of the Mobility of Labour" on behalf of the Migration Group of the Institute of Statistics on 22 August (Harrod liked Marschak's proposed title: letter of 24 January 1938, in JMP 1275, Box 147, folder H). Champernowne did not present a paper, but, immediately after Marschak, R. C. Tress delivered one on a very similar topic: "Local Diversity of Industry and the Rate of Unemployment" (British Association for the Advancement of Science, Report of the Annual Meeting, 1938, London: British Association, 1938, p. 454).
    1. a. From Christ Church # , two pages ALS, in JMP 1275, Box 147, folder H. Marked "Ans 23.1" in Marschak's hand.

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