734R. Harrod, draft of a circular letter accompanying the draft of the letter to The Times, [1] undated [a]

Harrod explains that the letter is sent to a "few people of authority in economics or social studies", [2] in the conviction that this proposal, "if carried, would greatly help the research of specialists in the field." The rationale of the letter to The Times is explained as follows: "I have been in touch with a member of Parliament, [3] whose name carries some weight, and who is willing to do all he can to help. He himself volunteered the suggestion of a further letter to the Times, signed by a number of people of authority. He assured me that this would greatly strengthen the hands of those inside the House who are well-disposed."

  1. 1. Harrod, "The Population Bill. A Proposal for Its Amendment" ( 1938:2 , press item 19 ).

    2. The letter was later discussed with Joan Robinson (letters 735 and following) and Marschak (letter 736 ), and was also sent to Robertson (see letter 746 ).

    3. F. E. Fremantle, the chairman of the Parliamentary Medical Committee: see letters 726 R, 729 R, 732 R.

    1. a. From Christ Church. one page, in HP VI-99/2.

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